Conforto – CB200M – 230v

R 4,554.00

  • USD: 344.45$

Model kw hp voltage
CB200M 1,5 2 230V

Performance curve

Refer to nr 200


CONFORTO, Water, pump, 230v

These Conforto pumps that have a twin impeller with axial intake and upward-facing circular delivery. These conforto pumps are able to handle temperatures of up to 45°C, only chemically pure liquids are recommended for carrying. These elector pumps are best suited for their application in the agricultural, domestic and industrial industries for the channels and storage tank systems.

Horizontal axis pump with bronze impellers (Noryl impellers are available on request), pump body and motor bracket made of G20 cast iron, AISI 304 stainless steel shaft, diffuses set in Noryl and a mechanical seal made of ceramic/graphite. Here are facts with regarding the motor: Electric, closed-type with external cooling fan, IP 44 safety class. F insulation.

The standard version of a single-phase motor is fitted with thermostat-controlled safety micro switches to avoid undesirable damages to the motor. The user must provide protection for three-phase electron pumps. Note, different voltages and HP frequencies are available at your selection. Therefore view the rest of our online catalog to view more.

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