Conforto – ST5 – 380v

R 4,462.00

  • USD: 337.49$

Model kw hp voltage
ST5 1,5 2 380V


Performance Curve

Refer to nr 5


Conforto, Pump, Centrifugal, Water pumps


Conforto pumps, conforto, STM,These conforto pumps are best suited for their application in the irrigation, agricultural industries for the installation of irrigation systems, channels and storage tank systems. Able to handle temperatures of up to 80°C, only chemically pure liquids are recommended for carrying. The electric, closed-type motor with external cooling fan and thermostat-controlled safety micro-switches enables maximum durability and resistance to damage.
Note, different voltages and HP frequencies are available at your selection. Please view the rest of our online catalog to view more.

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