Wilo – Jet WJ Self priming pump – 1.12 kW – 230 V

R 2,938.00

  • USD: 222.22$

kw Volt
1.12 230V


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Wilo – Jet WJ

Field of application:

  • Rainwater utilisation, water supply/pressure boosting, raw water intake.



  • For pumping water from wells for filling, pumping empty, transferring by pumping irrigation and sprinkling. As emergency pump overflows.

Special features:

  • Ideal for portable outdoor applications (hobby, garden)
  • HWJ version with diagram pressure vessel and pressure switch
  • FWJ version with fluid control for system control


  • With or without carrying frame,
  • depending on the version (WJ, FWJ)
  • For single-phase AC motor (1~ 230 V)
  • Connection cable with plug
  • On/off switch
  • Thermal motor protection switch

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